About Riann Nova:

Hey there, The name's Riann Nova (pronounced like the boy's name, "Ryan"). I am a full-time, traveling, freelance model and have been modeling since October 2011, traveling full-time since April 2015. 

I am a natural red head, with green eyes, and a fairly petite build. Don't let my pictures fool you... I'm much shorter in "Real Life" (only 5' 2" to be exact). I generally fit *MOST* clothing labeled sizes: XS, S, 0-1. 

I provide a ton of my own wardrobe (bras, tops, panties, skirts, stockings, knee high socks, etc.), along with many shoe/heel options, and even some accessories.

I am very experienced, and do not require a lot of direction when posing/shooting. However, I am always open to new ideas, and I CAN take direction very well if needed, and I am always looking to work with new photographers. 

I  work in a wide range of styles, including glamour and fashion, to swimwear and lingerie, to implied and full nudes. I have also modeled for some light erotic/fetish work.

Check out my Tour Dates & Booking pages if you'd like to set up Photoshoot together!