-Petite Fashion
-Parts Modeling
-Art Nudes
-Implied Nudes
-Full Nude
-Solo Erotic
-Fetish Modeling


-Birth Date: 8/29/93
-Height: 5' 2"
-Weight: 100 lbs
-Cup: B
-Dress: 0 or XS
-Shoe: 6.5-7 USA
-Ethnicity: Caucasian
-Hair: Long Natural Red Hair
-Eye Color: Green
-Tattoos: Some
-Piercings: Some (removable)
-Bust: 29"
-Waist: 24.25"
-Hips: 29"
-For Collars & Cuffs:
-Neck: 11.25”
-Wrist: 6.25”
-Ankles: 9”


I will have My Dog, Lina Bean, with me on ALL of my trips. She is an extremely friendly, medium sized, Boxer- Lab Mix. If you Do NOT want her around/CANNOT have her where we shoot, Please-- DO NOT BOOK ME. I will be bringing her Travel Crate, so she will be kenneled & out of the way during the shoot. If you would like References from other Photographers who have Met/ Worked with Lina, Please Just Ask!!! Thank You!!!

Rates ( 2 Hour Minimum):

  • $60 per hour: Glamour, Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie
    (No nudity at all)

  • $75 per hour: Artistic, Implied Nudes
    (No nipples showing, No spread legs)

  • $120 per hour: Full Nudity
    (Sexier shots, bare breasts, minimal spreads)

  • $140 per hour: Full Nudity with More Erotic poses—
    may Include some Fetish-type shots
    (Bondage, Ropes, Hot Wax, Solo Toys, etc.)

**ANY of the above content that is shot on VIDEO Requires the $140 per hour rate.**

ALL DAY Rates (8 Hour Maximum):

  • $400: A Mix of Glamour, Swimwear, Lingerie, Artistic & Implied Nudes
    (Up to a $200 Savings)

  • $600: A Mix of All of the Above, PLUS Full Nudity with Minimal Sexier, Open Leg Shots
    (Up to a $270 Savings)

  • $800: A Mix of All of the Above, PLUS More Erotic & Fetish Work, also Includes ANYTHING on Video
    (Up to a $320 Savings)

Booking Policy:

ALL shoots need to be booked BEFORE I leave for any long distance/multiple-city tour. If you do not book me before then, I can NOT guarantee you a time slot due to being on a VERY strict schedule.

However, if you DO book me before tour, as of 5/1/2017, I will be charging a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This deposit is to be made via PayPal to I will NOT hold your photoshoot time slot until the deposit has been paid.

This Deposit will go towards the agreed upon compensation amount for the shoot. The other portion of the agreed upon amount is to be paid, IN CASH, the day of the shoot. This deposit is to ensure that your time slot is guaranteed (meaning I will NOT book someone else nor Cancel on you), that you are not going to cancel either, and if you do, I can still pay for my travel expenses.

Required Deposits:

  • All Shoots= $120-380 will Require a 50% Deposit. (ex. $60-190)

  • All Shoots= $400-580 will Require a 40% Deposit. (ex. $160-230)

  • All Shoots= $600-800 will Require a 20% Deposit. (ex. $120-160)

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel for ANY reason, ANY time within 7 Days of our fully confirmed shoot with me (it is considered fully confirmed if I have the date, the time, and the address of the shoot), the ENTIRE remaining balance of the agreed-upon Shoot Compensation will be due to me within 15 business days via PayPal to

Important Guidelines:

  • I DO NOT Allow Any Touching from Anyone, Unless it's to be Tied Up for Bondage or Painted for a Body Paint Set (explained more below).

  • I DO NOT Model with Other Models, UNLESS I have met them or have had an ample amount of time to get to know them and their work. In addition, I DO NOT EVER model with male models. Again, I may consider modeling with another female model-- ONLY if I have the opportunity to speak with her and can make sure there is no drama, that we are both comfortable with the content we are shooting, and that we are compatible on a professional level.

  • I DO NOT allow ANY touching, including sexual or non-sexual contact, of ANY kind from my photographers. This means absolutely NO touching me to pose me, absolutely NO groping, NO spanking, etc. I am NOT interested in having sex with you, nor anyone with whom I am modeling. If I DO decide to model with another female model, I DO NOT allow kissing, toy play, or anything sexual.

If you can Respect and Agree to these Guidelines, and can pay the Rates and Deposits described on this page, Please Contact me via the "Photoshoot Request Form" on this page, and we can discuss your project!

Thank you and I am looking forward to working with you!

Photoshoot Request Form

If you are a photographer who is interested in working with Riann Nova in the near future, please feel free to fill out the form below. But **BEFORE** going any further, please make sure that you have read ALL of the above information, as well as reviewed Riann Nova's Travel Dates--
you will need this information for the Photoshoot Request Form below. Thank you for your time in advanced!! Riann Nova will be in touch with you shortly!!

Name *
Legal Name Please.
This Needs to be a Link to Your Model Mayhem, Facebook Photography Page, Your OWN Photography Website, OR Some Other Link to an Online Display of Your Model photgraphy work.
Before Proceding, Have you picked out your Date & State/City based on My Upcoming Travel Dates? If "No", STOP HERE and click on the "Tour Dates" Page, and Pick out your Date & State/City from there. If "Yes", please continue below:
Please give Your Location, AS WELL AS the closest metropolis.
Requested Date *
Requested Date
This Date should be based around my list of Upcoming Travel Dates of when I will be in your area. Again, if you are in question, please check the "Tour Dates" Page.
Minimum of 2 Hours, Maximum of 8 Hours
Have You read the "Rates" section on this page? *
*Please scroll up and read the "Rates" section if you have any questions.
Please calculate the total compensation based on how many hours you would like to shoot and how much the rate is for the kind of content you are looking for (ex. 1 hour of artistic nudes ($75) + 1 hour of erotic nudes ($140)= $215 total compensation)
Please explain in detail your ideas, your concepts, your wardrobe ideas, what you're expecting to accomplish from this photoshoot, etc. Please also include anything you need me to bring to the photoshoot-- such as shoes, specific lingerie/ wardrobe, certain makeup ideas, etc.
Please list as many model/ professional industry references with whom you have worked in the last year. Should be a *Minimum of 3*!!!
**Please Acknowledge:** *
Do you understand that I will have my dog with me, and you MUST be ok with her being at the shoot? She will be in a kennel and out of the way during the shoot. She is an emotional support animal. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Click "Yes" if You Understand.
If there is any other information you would like to let me know, now is your chance!!